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Practice Exams for the IC&RC ADC and NAADAC NCAC Exam for Addiction Counselor Certifications 

Practice Exams with representative difficulty and solutions with detailed explanations for the IC&RC ADC  and NAADAC NCAC exam. For use in obtaining CASAC, LCDC, CADC and other Addiction Counselor Certifications



Products for the IC&RC ADC Exam

Practice Problems
Paperback Versions 

*Now accepting PayPal and Credit Cards for eBooks

Individual ebook Practice Exams.
Full eBook Containing 450 Practice Problems

Paperback books include 300 or 450 Practice Problems with detailed solutions. (Note all problems included in the 300 question exam are in the 450 book)

Instant Download. Each contains 150 Practice Problems with detailed solutions. (Version A Includes the free examples on site)

Instant Download 450 Practice Problems with detailed solutions. Three full length practice exams


About Us

Professionals Helping Professionals

Bova Books LLC was formed to provide more efficient and affordable study material to across a peer to peer network. Licensing exams are a difficult hurdle on the way to achieving your professional dreams. Too often the study material available is over-priced and unfocused. We provide representative study materials built directly and exclusively  from the syllabus provided by the licensing board.

Don't waste time and money sieving through unnecessary or overly complicated study material. Study more efficiently with our IC&RC ADC exam practice exams


Products for the NAADAC NCAC Exam

Practice Problems
Paperback Versions
eBooks $9.99 each
Full eBook

Paperback books include 200 or 400 Practice Problems with detailed solutions

Instant Download 200 Practice Problems with detailed solutions for each version. 

Instant Download 400 Practice Problems with detailed solutions for each version. 

*Now accepting PayPal and Credit Cards for eBooks

*Note: There is a significant overlap in questions between the IC&RC and NAADAC. It is not recommended to purchase both 


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